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Thank you for interest in commissions <3
To get started on creating you a unique + one of a kind piece, please take a moment to look over the following information before filling out a Commission Inquiry form.


Below you will find:

  • Commission inquiry info 

  • Estimate pricing 

  • General FAQ

  • Inquiry Form


What should I include in my commission inquiry?
1. Your budget
2. Commission Type 

    (Is this a painting on canvas, clothing, accessory?)
2. Reference pictures
3. Detailed explantation of idea you have - the more details the better! 

    This will reduce the amount of emails back and fourth 
4. Size preference
5.  What date you need/want the piece by
(Additional charge will be included for "rush orders")


 ☆ pricing ☆

Approximate pricing will vary slightly depending on inquiry 


Shoes: Starting at $200* 


Purse/bag: Starting at $200*

Hydroflask/Resuable cups: 

Starting at $175*


The more details, the more your commission will cost!

Price provided does not include price of the clothing/accessory. This will be added additionally* to the total design cost following initial inquiry.


(Typical/standard sizing- can be adjusted

by a few inches smaller or larger.

Please include desired size in your inquiry)

Rectangle/Square Canvas:

8" x  10" : $150-$250

12" x 16" : $250-$350

16" x 20" : $350-$450

30" x 30": $450-$600

24" x 36" : $600-$800

36" x 48" : $800-$950

Any larger: TBD

Circle Canvas:

12" in diameter : $200-$350

20" in diameter : $350-$500

☆ FAQ ☆

Do you repeat past designs?

To ensure you have a unique, one of a kind piece- No two designs are ever the same.

If there is a design I've done in the past that you'd like to base your commission on, let me know!! 

I can do my best to give you something similar :)

How does payment work?

I accept payment through Venmo or PayPal. I request you send half the total amount up front and half at the very end - After making sure you absolutely love it!

What paint do you use on clothing & Accessory commissions /How do they wear?

For a fabric-based commission I use Angelus Brand paints. They are absolutely amazing quality and meant to be used on a variety of fabrics including: canvas, leather, mesh, etc. These paints are flexible and able to move and bend with the fabric. I also treat all my custom clothing with Angelus' Finishing Glaze to ensure the reduction of wear and tear- As well as spraying a generous coat of Vans' Water & Stain Shield over the design to help preserve the product and provide a water resistant layer.

As for accessories like reusable water bottles- I always seal my design with a final selant coat that will reduce wear and tear such as scratching, chipping, or fading.

How long will my commission take? 
My current turn around time is about 2-3 weeks on average, after receiving the first payment.
However, if you are inquiring about a larger scale painting;

it could take up to 4-6 weeks for me to complete.
*An additional rush charge will be included if commission is needed before these time frames 


Thank you for your inquiry!

You can include any other questions you have in the inquiry form above

or email me at:


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